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U.S. Navy in the Holy Loch
In March 1961, the first American submarine squadron arrived in the Holy Loch. The U.S originally planned to base fifteen hundred men on the depot ship USS Proteus and at least 400 were expected to bring families. No special houses were built for the military families at first. Eventually the military presence grew to over 3000 military personnel plus their families. Housing was constructed at what is now called Sandhaven. The children attended the local schools.

In 1991 the military announced that the base would be closing, and by March 1992 the last ship sailed out of the Holy Loch. It was estimated that the departure of the U.S Navy would cost the area approximately £11million a year in lost revenue.
This left the village with many empty houses which have gradually have become occupied and renovated and new houses have been built. We are proud of the fact that Sandbank is continuing to grow year on year and is looking better all the time.  
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