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The people of Sandbank Making a difference to their village.
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The Village of Sandbank
Welcome to a journey through Sandbank we hope you enjoy it. Sandbank is a long and mostly thin village situated on the shores of the Holy Loch, with the hills behind. Parts of the village date back to Neolithic times and we have a Heritage Trail at the top end of the village which has a site dating back to then with also the remains of a Medieval church and close by a burial cairn known as Adams Grave. These sites were excavated some years ago by the local archaeological group and we have now partially upgraded the walk and replaced bridges, we are slowly working towards reinstating the path to the cairn to make a better experience for visitors. By the mid - 1870s there was an increase in tourists from Glasgow, many buying or having built holiday homes in Sandbank. Many of which are still with us today giving a mixture of old and new buildings.
Where the Marina is situated now was the site of boatbuilders Robertson and Kerr founded in 1876, this later became Robertson and sons in 1878 when Daniel Kerr left to be a lighthouse keeper. In 1886 another boatyard was founded, Morris and Lorimer. In 1958 David Boyd, who assisted the business was chosen to design a challenger, the Sceptre, for the America’s Cup. In 1964 Robertson’s yard was chosen to design a craft for the America’s Cup. Quite an achievement for two boatyards from Sandbank.   During its 104-year history, Robertson's Yard built 500 boats, many of which are still sailing today. The yard ceased trading in the early 1980s and the site was levelled soon after. The site has since been consumed by residential building and the new Holy Loch Marina development.

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