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Heritage of Sandbank

Sandbank is steeped with history and change. The village has been host to an array of industries and has largely been influenced by various incomers into the area. It has a varied and interesting past, with distinguishing features of which give the village a nostalgic virtue.
Ardnadam is considered a continuation of Sandbank although old records of community activities are listed under Ardnadam not that of Sandbank. Ardnadam was most likely named after the prehistoric pagan altar that sits on the hillside above the pier, on the pasture of Arndadam farm. Ard-na-Tuam means the height of the grave.
Sandbank was at one time known as Cladyhouse, meaning house of the stony beach. One of the oldest buildings in Sandbank was the Argyll Hotel. Dugald McKinlay purchased the land in 1819 from Alexander Campbell of Ballochyle. The Argyll Hotel was a Ferry inn, which it is suggested that the charter probably read at the sand bank on the Holy Loch” from which the village would have taken its name. Unfortunately the Hotel was destroyed by fire and demolished in the 1980’s. The oldest inhabited house in the village is believed to be Broxwood Cottage which was built around the 1440s and later extended. The cottage was previously called Sheperds Cottage and was owned by the Bryant & May match making company and used as accommodation for their manager in the area overseeing the forestry operations. The cottage was extensively refurbished in the late 1990s and is still occupied.
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